Planning a wedding can be stressful, that’s no secret, and even though we are told that a wedding needs only four things: A groom, a bride, the officiant, and a witness, it’s not really true, is it?

Weddings need a cake, wedding vendors, wedding venues, wedding photographers, wedding caterers, etc. The list is literally endless. We haven’t even mentioned the wedding dresses and rings, because that would take the whole day.

So, let’s give you a game plan. There are five main essential things you need to deal with for your wedding to ensure that things do not go wrong, and at a wedding, things should not go wrong.

The five essentials

Good food

Good food is a must, and people do talk more about the food than the wedding itself! So, find the right wedding caterers to make your wedding a success.

Wedding vendors will help you with this. They usually have a wide selection of everything you need and a list of wedding caterers on their payroll that they can call at a moment’s notice.

Remember that this is not a last-minute task, but rather one that should be decided on early on during the planning process. The question of “chicken” or “fish” should be settled more than six months in advance.

A DJ or Band

Which one do you want? A DJ or a Band?

Again, make this decision early. Way, way in advance, and not just that, call the band or DJ you wish to use and book your wedding day with them. Failure to do this may cause your wedding to be a complete disaster because all good people will have been booked already.

Using a wedding vendor service will help you get the best of each, whichever one you choose. This is because they know the best and they are always informed.

Great Drinks

People have to drink at a wedding, and wedding vendors providing drinks will also list some great bartenders.

You do not want your guests at the wedding to be bored or have a terrible time. Drinks make the party keep going, and as such, a great bartender will ensure that the party never stops. Literally!

So, listen, do this early. As with everything else we have mentioned above, do not assume that bartenders are all over and you can find one when you want. This is a recipe for disaster and what you should do is ensure that you lock one down as soon as you say yes to the proposal. Well, not immediately, but soon enough.

Great Photos

The only way to remember that this day happened would be through photos, so having a selection of the best wedding photographers will help you pin down the best for your wedding.

It is imperative to find a great photographer as they will be working all day long, and you will want to see how much fun people had at your wedding.

Great venue

We saved the most important for last. Find great wedding venues and choose the best. The venue should really be the FIRST thing you lockdown before deciding on all others. Choose a place that’s beautiful and comfortable for both of you.

At the Memories Event Space, we offer all-inclusive packages of all the above wedding essentials to take the edge and stress off of the planning process. Get in touch today for a specialized package just for you.

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