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Over 10 years ago, we began planning our own special event, Our wedding day! We knew that it had to be a memorable experience for ourselves and our families. During the wedding planning process, we quickly realized how much effort and detail went into planning a beautiful and successful event within our ideal budget. That sparked an interest and idea to one-day own space of our own! Our goal from there was to be able to create the same beautiful experience we had on our wedding day at an affordable cost and with less hassle. Here at Memories Event Space, whether it’s your big fairytale wedding, birthday bash, business meeting, small church service, book signing the album release party, we are here to provide you with a high-quality experience. We pride ourselves on customer service and look forward to helping you create an unforgettable memory that you will cherish forever. Please feel free to browse our website or call if you have any further questions.

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